Making your own homemade jewelry cleaner

Jewelry Cleaner


Do you own pieces of silver, white and yellow gold, stainless steel and other jewelry variants? If you have a collection of precious and semi-precious stone and would like to take good care of them but you don’t really know what commercial jewelry cleaner to trust, stop shopping for one. You can make you own. It’s so easy and when you make the cleaner yourself, you can be sure that the solution is mild enough not to harm your treasures. Continue reading

Homemade dish soap: Why you should try it?

dish soap


Commercial dish soaps are so expensive, sometimes they completely overrun the use of your dishwasher. As much of an angel your gadget may be, as a homemaker, spending too much on store bought commercial cleaning solutions may stress you out. It’s a good thing it’s actually fairly easy to make inexpensive homemade dish soap. Take note that this variant is for the machine and is not for hand washing. Continue reading

Homemade carpet cleaner : The frugal way to get rid of carpet stain

Carpet cleaner


Carpets add warmth and richness to any home but getting rid of the stains on its surface can be a real challenge. Sometimes – no, most of the time these stains even come with odors. With the rising prices of grocery supplies, more and more homeowners are thinking twice about spending money on carpet cleaners. Thankfully, making a homemade carpet cleaner is an easy and an inexpensive option. Continue reading

Making your own homemade window cleaner

window cleaner


Window cleaners are wonderful chemical inventions. They keep your home looking pristine. However, not all homemakers are willing to shed off too much money on cleaning aids, particularly in window cleaners. There are, after all, more aspects of housekeeping which seem to demand more attention (not to mention more money). This is why a lot of home makers have now resorted to making their own homemade window cleaner. Continue reading

How to make homemade laundry soap

laundry soap


Are you trying to cut down on household costs? If you have a big family and you do heaploads of laundry at least thrice a week, it might be time for you to consider making homemade laundry soap. You can spend as little as $0.71 per load when you make your own soap and it’s so easy. All you need are these three main ingredients. They don’t change whether you’re planning to make liquid or dry laundry detergent. Continue reading

How to make a homemade dishwasher detergent to save money

dishwasher detergent


Your dishwasher is an angel when it comes to helping you keep the kitchen spotless. However, it’s also a known fact that commercial dishwashing agents are quite pricy, and if you’re running low on budget, spending more than $15 on your dishwashing detergent simply won’t do. This recipe for a homemade dishwasher detergent won’t cost you more than $12, and this amount of soap can already last for several months. Continue reading