Top8 the Best Wax Melts for Everyone

Did you know that keeping your house clean and fresh isn’t the only way to make it cozy and enjoyable? One of the great ways to add a bit of atmosphere to your home is by using wax melts!

The range of available scents of wax melts is truly huge. This is great because you will have many options to choose from. On the other hand, finding the best wax melt fragrance may be quite difficult.

To make the task a little bit easier for you, we reviewed eight great wax melts. They have very different fragrances, so maybe one of them will be the right one for your home!

Hidden Valley Candles Love Spell – Best All-Around Wax Melts

If you want to add a slight outdoorsy atmosphere to your home, then Hidden Valley Candles Love Spell pack should interest you. This wax melt fuses the scent of cherry blossom and hydrangea with fruits apple and peach, as well as throwing in some citrus aroma.

Each cube in this pack delivers about 50 hours of fragrance to your home. Given that the product includes two six packs, you should be able to forget about buying scents for a long time.

You should know that the cubes can be a bit mushy, which would make loading your tart warmer a bit less convenient.


  • Strong and long-lasting scent
  • 12 wax cubes included
  • Many scents mixed


  • Slightly soft

Swan Creek Drizzle Melts – Honey Soaked Apples – Best Wax Melts for Honey Lovers

If you like your apples with some honey, then Swan Creek Drizzle Melts, with a fragrance of honey-soaked apples may be a great pick for you. Packages contain 4.75 ounces of six break-apart cubes, so you should be able to enjoy the scents for quite a long time.

If you aren’t a lover of honey-soaked apples and wish to buy this product simply out of curiosity, bear in mind that you may dislike the fragrance of the honey mixed with the apple. This combination could be strange and unpleasant for some people.


  • Lasts long
  • Great scent of honey-soaked apples


  • The honey aroma may be unpleasant to some.

Swan Creek Drizzle Melts: Warm Cinnamon Buns – Best Wax Melts for Cinnamon Lovers

This wax melt kit is identical to the Honey Soaked Apples pack, except for the scent. This one has the fragrance of warm cinnamon buns, so if you happen to like them, you will most likely favor this wax melt pack. You could also give these a try if you like pastry!

Swan Creek Drizzle Melts – Warm Cinnamon Buns has a slight vanilla aroma, which might not be perfect for some people. If you don’t really like vanilla, you should probably look for other wax melts.


  • Lasts for a good amount of time
  • Strong scent of cinnamon buns


  • You might dislike its slight vanilla aroma.

Fruit & Berry Highly Scented Wax Melts Variety Pack – Best Wax Melts for Fruit & Berry Lovers

Shortie’s Candle Company’s Fruit & Berry Variety Pack is quite a remarkable product when it comes to variety: It includes three separate scent packs. If you are particularly fond of black cherry, grapefruit, and lemon blueberry, you may want to get this one. With six scent blocks in each pack, the Fruit & Berry Variety Pack should last a pretty long time.

However, each block provides only 5-10 hours of strong scent, which isn’t that much. Aside from that, since the wax is made from paraffin, you should expect more difficult-to-clean soot to come out of the melts.


  • Excellent for fruit lovers
  • Includes a lot of scent blocks


  • The scent doesn’t last very long.
  • Could produce more soot than the other wax melts

Country Jar BEACH LINEN Wax Melts – Best Wax Melts for Lovers of Beach Breezes

If you have returned from a beach vacation recently, you probably miss the cool beach breeze. That’s why you will probably like Country Jar’s beach linen wax melts!

With a combination of herbal, floral, and citrus notes of clean cotton, this product may help you bring the aroma of clothes dried in a beach breeze into your home. This fragrance is not only atmospheric, but also neutral enough for a variety of homes.


  • Quite a neutral scent
  • Has the scent of linen dried by a beach breeze


  • The melts may be slightly too weak for easy handling.

ScentSationals 4-Pack Honeysuckle Nectar Fragrance Scented Wax Melts – Best Wax Melts for Garden People

Honeysuckle is renowned for its strongly fragranced flowers. Many people value them highly as garden flowers because of that! So, if you want to bring some outside freshness to your house, ScentSationals 4-pack honeysuckle nectar scented wax melts could be the best choice for you.

This pack includes 24 scent cubes, which is a great number that will provide you with weeks of freshness. However, the cubes may not last that long, so you might run out of them sooner than expected.


  • Fresh scent of honeysuckle fragrance
  • Comes with 24 scent cubes


  • Does not last very long.

Candlecopia Pumpkin Soufflé Strongly Scented Hand Poured Vegan Wax Melts – Best Eco-Friendly Wax Melts

The mere fact that this wax melt pack has a fragrance of pumpkin soufflé isn’t its main advantage. What could be much more interesting to some people is that the cubes are made from vegan components. You will probably favor this product if you are concerned with your impact on your surroundings.

This particular product consists of two six-packs, but you could go for the three – or six-pack as an alternative. Nonetheless, 12 is quite a good number of wax cubes, if you want to fill your home with scent for a couple of weeks.

One thing to consider is that the scent of these wax melts may fade away in just several hours.


  • Includes two six-packs
  • Vegan components used
  • Strong scent of pumpkin soufflé


  • Scent fades e away quickly

Scented Wax Melts Variety Pack – Best Wax Melts for Sweet Lovers

Finally, the last wax melts pack on our list could be a great choice for those who strongly favor sweets. This variety pack comes with six cups, each with a different scent: sugar cookies, sea salt caramel, Amish friendship bread, pumpkin pie, pink sugar, and cinnamon buns.

Each quarter cup is meant to deliver up to 40 hours of scent, so this pack could provide you with weeks of pleasant sweet fragrance in your home.

One aspect you may dislike about this pack, though, is that you need to manually cut each melt into four equal parts, which could be slightly inconvenient.


  • Up to 40 hours of scent per quarter cup
  • A good choice for a sweets lover


  • Requires you to cut into quarters manually

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